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Fundraising Manager
Fundraising Manager

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Fundraising Manager

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US Association for Safe Frozen Food Delivery

We deliver exclusively with safe, freezer trucks.
Fundraising Manager

We provide everything your fundraising company needs to plan, build, grow, and promote your fundraising business. Fundraising Manager is your one-stop fundraising service provider.


Our mix of restaurant quality product will delight your customers. Ready-to-bake or ready-to-eat, our products are the best.

We take the hassles out of managing a fundraising company. Let us help you select products, develop and print your brochures, provide your on-line ordering system, arrange delivery, and even consult with you to help you maximize your bottom-line.
National Delivery

No-Worry, on-time delivery from the shores of Maine to the California coast - and everywhere in between - Fundraising Manager has your business covered. Your products will be delivered safe and on-time no matter whether you use our Inside Delivery, Warehouse Delivery, or Truckload Delivery service platform. We take care of it all!.
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