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Fundraising Manager
Fundraising Manager

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Fundraising Manager

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US Association for Safe Frozen Food Delivery

We deliver exclusively with safe, freezer trucks.
Brochure Development

Our team of professionals at Fundraising Manager has created an outstanding portfolio of ready-to-use variety brochures. Skilled food photographers and the areas best food stylists capture the essence of our fundraising products and present them in a way that motivates your customers to buy. The brochures are alive with color and vivid graphics that make a statement about the quality of the product and the sophistication of your business.

Fundraising Manager

When its time to develop your own customized sales piece, our experts have the creativity and know-how it takes to make your brochure stand out. Under your direction, an inventive layout and copy writing team develops your sales concept to bring your brochure to life. You choose the products from the dozens in our portfolio. Fundraising manager creates the product presentation, descriptions and layout. The final brochure is a high-quality, business-specific selling tool ready to get results.

Fundraising brochures can do more for your business than just present your products; they can influence sales at both the customer and consumer level. Professionally designed sales tools that impact your business another way Fundraising Manager delivers for you.
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