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Fundraising Manager

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Fundraising Manager

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US Association for Safe Frozen Food Delivery

We deliver exclusively with safe, freezer trucks.
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State County # of Facilities
KS Riley County 2
KS Rooks County 3
KS Rush County 1
KS Russell County 2
KS Saline County 2
KS Scott County 2
KS Sedgwick County 2
KS Seward County 3
KS Shawnee County 4
KS Sheridan County 3
KS Sherman County 3
KS Smith County 3
KS Stafford County 2
KS Stanton County 2
KS Stevens County 2
KS Sumner County 2
KS Thomas County 3
KS Trego County 2
KS Wabaunsee County 2
KS Wallace County 2
KS Washington County 2
KS Wichita County 2
KS Wilson County 2
KS Woodson County 2
KS Wyandotte County 5

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