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Fundraising Manager
Fundraising Manager

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Fundraising Manager

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US Association for Safe Frozen Food Delivery

We deliver exclusively with safe, freezer trucks.

Web-based Ordering Tracking System. Our web-based fundraising order processing system is everything you always wanted. Place your fundraising orders on-line any time of the night or day. Rest assured that the system will automatically ensure that your orders are correct, provide you with accurate up-to-the-minute order status (via on-line screens and/or email), and provide you with all of the information that you demand to ensure your fundraising drive goes off without a hitch.

Fundraising Manager We even take care of your ordering system needs.

More about on-line system

No-worry, On-time Delivery. Your products will be delivered on-time no matter whether you use our Inside Delivery, Warehouse Delivery, or Truckload Delivery service platform. What you donít see when you are on-line is whatís going on behind the scenes. When you place your order, our network of manufacturers is automatically notified to start helping you right away! Your products are placed on clean, reliable freezer trucks and delivered to a frozen food storage facility near you until delivery day. Even the local delivery truck drivers use the on-line system to update you on the exact time that they will arrive at your customerís site. What could be easier than that?

Fundraising Manager No-worry on-time delivery is done using safe, freezer trucks.

More about On-Time Delivery

Professional Brochure Development. Whether itís the impression that you make with on-time deliveries, the smiles of approval you get from great tasting, restaurant quality products, or the response you get from a well-designed, professionally developed sales brochure, Fundraising Manager can make your business stand out.

Fundraising Manager Let us help you stand out.

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